Don’t just get high! Get Hi on Ki!

The crystal pipe is not only a gorgeous piece of gemstone that you can carry in your pocket to have its unique energy around, but also a fashion accessory that will make your smoking trip magical. Crystal healing has been around for centuries and it can be traced back to ancient civilizations all around the world. Gemstones have the unique ability to store and release energy. Each crystal has a unique energetic charge and vibration and thus its own unique healing properties. Carrying around your pipe and smoking of it allows you to connect with the natural stone energy and sync with its vibration. This will lead you to the most magical, astonishing, and remarkable trip as the crystal let the Ki (Chi) energy flows through your chakras at the same time. This is a whole new level of being high by getting healing and spiritual energy.


  • Made of high-grade gemstones without any chemical treatment or dyeing
  • Gold filter finish & black velvet pouch to make a bold fashion statement
  • Removable metal filter for easy cleaning
  • High-quality stainless-steel cleaner brush
  • Durable and perfect for healthy smoking, chakra healing or as a gift


Package Includes:

  • Premium Crystal Pipe
  • Cleaning Brush
  • 2 Extra Gold Filter
  • Luxurious Black Velvet Pouch



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