Rose Quartz 3-in-1 Electric Crystal Roller-Massager Kit (Rosegold Edition)



Crystal: Rose Quartz

Higher association with Heart Chakra
Signature Virtues:
Unconditional Love . Attraction . Joy . Serenity 
Healing . Purification . Compassion . Creativity


Crystal Roller-Massager

Let the magical crystals rejuvenate your skin! 

Crystal healing has been around for centuries and it can be traced back to ancient civilizations all around the world. Gemstones have the unique ability to store and release energy. Each crystal has a unique energetic charge and vibration and thus its own unique healing properties. Hi-Ki crystal massager utilize this ancient principal to take skin care to a whole new level by combining conventional skin care practices with crystal healing. This 3-in-1 massager kit includes a 3D-head, a crystal-roller-head, and a crystal-round-head for all different type of needs such as wrinkle lift, blood circulation, or skin tightening. This is an extremely versatile tool which can be used on different parts of the body – especially the face, eyes, lips, neck and back – as well as in different ways, such as massaging individually or pairing it with facial cream, essential oils, and moisturizers.


Product Functions:

  • Lift Eyes Wrinkle
  • Offer Anti-Aging Effects
  • Promote Blood Circulation
  • Skin Tightening
  • Skin Revitalization
  • Improve Skin Product Absorption
  • Improve Relaxation
  • Improve Fine Lines
  • Make V Shape Face
  • Smooth Your Skin
  • Improve Skin Tone


Package Includes:

  • Vibrating Wand/Bar
  • Premium Rose Quartz Roller Head
  • Premium Rose Quartz Round Head
  • 3D Massager Head
  • Luxury Velvet Pouch for Easy Carriage



One AA Battery (1.5V D.C. Power Supply) Required    

6000 per Minute Vibration Frequency



[Disclaimer: Please note all crystals are natural genuine hand-crafted gemstones, and thus the color, shape and pattern will be unique and slightly different to the sample pictures. These differences and disparities are part of what makes the stone beautiful, and you should not consider them as flaws. The crystal you get is the one that the universe has chosen for you.]

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